Facts on Permanent Makeup

All women dream of having the perfect face. Brows which are shaped to perfection, rosy lips and cheeks and make up on point. However, it’s not always that easy. Managing time to wake up each morning and doing your face requires some time management which is not always easy. This is where permanent make up helps save the day. The following are a few facts on getting Cosmetic tattoos in the Gold Coast. These days’ cosmetic tattoos have amazing results. Read on to see whether you would like to have a cosmetic tattoo done as well or not.

  • Just like regular tattoos, cosmetic tattoos are performed in a special manner. These are carried out by professionals known as aestheticians. Aestheticians are trained to carry out all sorts of cosmetic procedures inn a safe and effective manner.
  • When going for a cosmetic procedure make sure you check in with a reputable beauty clinic. Not everyone who advertises these procedures is a pro. It actually depends on who you choose for the procedure.
  • Before you actually go through the procedure, the aesthetician would apply regular make up on your face to give you a fairly good idea of how you are going to look. You need to make sure that the lines are precise and not too over the top.
  • The technician would make use of sterile needles to reduce the risk of any sort of infection. All good aesthetic clinics practice the measure of using sterile needles.
  • The procedure can last anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours. It all actually depends upon the amount of tattoos you would be getting.
  • Once the procedure is completed you need to take all the medications and necessary procedures stated by the aesthetician.
  • You need to make sure you use the right kind of sun protection and avoid over exposure to the harmful UV rays. If over exposed to the sun, the tattoo would begin to fade earlier than expected.
  • The procedure might need to be repeated every three years. The colors would need to be renewed to make the makeup look as fresh as new.
  • While regular tattooing is painful, in case of cosmetic tattoos the aestheticians make use of anesthesia. This is because they are working on sensitive parts of the body and to reduce any sort of discomfort to the client. So if you were worried about how painful the process was going to be, you can rest assured that it won’t cause a great deal of discomfort.
  • After the procedure your skin would remain sensitive and a little swollen for the first week or so. The pain and swelling would eventually go down.
  • In case you ever want to remove the makeup from the face it would require micro derm abrasion. Also the skin would be whiter when compared to its previous shade. So if you do make a decision of having makeup tattooed on your face, make an informed decision.

For more information on cosmetic procedures make sure you contact cosmetic tattoos on the Gold Coast.

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