Trauma Counselling

When to seek treatment for emotional trauma

Individuals react to stress and emotional disturbances in a different manner. No two people would react to the same incident in a similar manner. While some people are able to balance their feelings and go on to live normal lives, there are those who are so effected by adverse circumstances that they start suffering from emotional trauma.

Trauma can affect a person when they have suffered a heavy form of emotional abuse from family or loved ones. Trauma could also be a result of one time incident which renders a person incapable of coming out of the grief associated with it.

The following are a few instances when an individual should seek help with some trauma counselling:

  • Getting out of an emotional turmoil can take time. Each person would deal with it in their own way and heal accordingly as well. However, if ample time has passed and a person feels unable to carry out with their daily routine, medical treatment should be sought.
  • If an individual starts suffering from severe depression and anxiety, so much so that it hinders their daily lives.
  • Inability to form close bonds with someone because they have already suffered so much in the past and now find it difficult to trust others in any sort of relationships.
  • If facing terrifying memories which are vivid and imprinted in their minds or suffering from nightmares.
  • Avoiding social gatherings and becoming a recluse
  • Feel emotionally numb and disassociated with those around them
  • Have started relying heavily on alcohol and recreational drugs to feel comfort.

If you know any individual who shows any or all of the above symptoms, it’s an indication that they need to see a trauma specialist. They could be referred by their general physicians to a specialist who would help them come to terms with their trauma.

A specialist is responsible for helping an individual suffering from emotional trauma by lending them support and guidance. They might ask an individual to make certain lifestyle changes which could include the following.

  • The person suffering from emotional trauma should focus on letting their emotions out in a healthy manner. This could be done by joining a certain discipline like yoga, kick boxing or Pilates. There are several other options as well where using their physical energy is channeled into something more positive which helps release stress in the long run.
  • Dietary changes like eating fruits and vegetables and following a definite diet program which releases the good hormones into the blood stream.
  • Stress relieving techniques like mental relaxation and meditation may be prescribed.
  • Individuals are also advised to be more social and join a club or charity to keep themselves busy and let go of the negative thoughts.

Besides the above mentioned lifestyle changes an individual is also suggested to follow different therapies which their specialist would deem necessary in their treatment of emotional trauma. Cognitive behaviour therapy paired with other therapies and psychological counselling can help to a great extent.

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