Physiotherapy – How it Helps

Physio Hervey Bay

Hervey bay is a city in the state of Queensland.  It is the whale watching capital of the world and the gate way to Fraser Island and the great barrier reef.

Physio Hervey bay is a physiotherapy center located in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.  They are dedicated to help the people of hervey bay in their movement problems, for over 20 years.  Their physical therapists are university graduates and they are given all the skills and provided with state of the art equipment, with the aim of providing excellent service to their patients.  They provide treatment to a wide range of muscular and joint illness, which limit your muscular movement.

What do they offer?

  1. Their physiotherapist work closely with their patients to help them get better.  They also work with other clinicians to plan and manage treatment of their patients.  Using advance techniques and evidence, they treat a wide range of illness and movement conditions.
  2. Exercise Physiology. Their physiotherapist are equipped with the skills and knowledge to design and evaluate safe and effective exercise intervention for their patients.
  3. Clinical Pilates. It is an exercise based therapy that can be used for the treatment of injuries and for strengthening purposes. It is design too support the neck, spine and pelvis.

Physio Hervey Bay is now involved in visiting services at nautilus orthopedics. It is also the first provider of physiotherapy service at St. Stephens hospital.  Hervey bay physiotherapy center is manage by qualified clinicians. They are focus on the well-being of their patients.

They are also affiliated with different organisations such as: Australian Physiotherapy Association, and many more.  Being a member of such organizations, you can be assured of quality service and that their staff are qualified in their field.

Aside from the services they offer, Physio Hervey Bay is selling wide range of products.  They are selling the best brands in the industry.

  1. The stock a wide range of brace, support and other exercise equipments to help manage your pain.
  2. Use for different foot conditions.
  3. General Aids. Such as ultrasound gel, tapes,massage creams and etc.
  4. Garments and bandages and
  5. Pilates Equipment.

For treatment of spinal illness, movement problems and recovery from other illness in Hervey Bay area, call or visit Physio Hervey Bay.  They are managed by professionals and they are focus more on the treatment of their clients.  They have the expertise to diagnose your illness and the equipment. Aside from being accessible in its location, the staff are approachable.

They are also available for clinic services and even go beyond, by offering home treatment. The also cater to people who are not capable of going to the hospital or the ones who require treatment in their homes.  They also provide clinical services to retirement villages and has partnerships with other sports organizations. And being able to partner with reputable organizations means you are a trusted company or establishment.


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