Chiropractors maintain a holistic view of the human body, since they seek the restoration of health through the manipulation of certain organic structures, especially the vertebral column.
This is a therapeutic system that is based on the scientific theory that many diseases are the result of disorders in the innervation of tissues, which is why they become ill; its healing can be obtained through a good manipulation of the structures of the body.

Chiropractic work takes a characteristic conviction of some medical currents, most of the time, the disease is a natural response of the organism to an abnormal situation, so what should be done from a therapeutic point of view is to try to help resources spontaneous of the body. See for more information.
However, it must be borne in mind that there is no part of the organism that does not reach a dense network of nerve fibres that start from the brain and spinal cord and that, constituting the cranial and spinal nerves, leave the skull and the vertebral column to disperse through all the organic sectors.

To make a correction or a bodily adjustment through the pressure and the specific and precise impulse carried out with the hands, to make these adjustments requires great skill and mastery on the part of the therapist, which requires for this a specific and complete scientific education, that it gives him the wide knowledge of the human body, which he needs to carry out his work, especially the spine, which is the centre of many pains caused by bad posture.

Diseases and care that correspond to chiropractic.

Chiropractors can help us potentially improve our health in several cases:
• Spinal problems: headaches, neck and back, herniated disc, sciatica, lumbago, scoliosis. Chiropractic focuses on the spine as this is the centre of the peripheral nervous system.
• Visceral or organic problems: problems from nocturnal urination to asthma, dizziness, colic and stomach problems.
• Care without medication: when a person prefers to avoid the consumption of high-risk medications or of inevitable surgeries, they find in chiropractic a safe and effective method to find well-being. Ideal for treatment before, during and after pregnancy.
• Maintenance and prevention: Chiropractic helps us to maintain a good state of health and relaxation, and in this way, prevent future diseases that can be irreversible.
• Maintenance of mental and emotional health: helps control natural discomforts of the nervous system, optimizing reflex activity, helping to reduce stress levels to stay active and healthy emotionally and balanced.

Areas of action of chiropractic work

Chiropractors usually cover 4 fundamental fields of action that are:
• Mechanical action: acts on the vertebral discs and interraphodisiatic joints disengaging the fold from the affected joint.
• Reflex action: acts on the muscles and is characterized by the decrease or disappearance, usually immediate, of muscular contractures.
• Action on pain: chiropractic promotes the release of endorphins, these potentially reduce pain and explain the sedative effect of chiropractic.
• Psychosomatic action: this action depends on several factors, among them you can find the psychic disposition of the chiropractor, the empathy between the patient and the therapist and the correct evaluation and analysis prior to the therapy.

Currently, chiropractors have spread throughout the world with great success and recognition, often used in combination with other therapeutic methods such as osteopathy, massage and spinal manipulation.