Nowadays, treatment chairs have become a necessity in clinics, hospitals, and non-medical setups like barber shops or spas. These chairs are designed to provide comfort to customers or patients. These chairs allow doctors and nurses to effectively offer treatments to the patient, and the same applies to non-medical organizations like barber shops or spas. These chairs, when used, enhance efficiency by saving energy, time, and resources. The success of a treatment chair depends on electric and linear actuators.

Generally, treatment chairs have two linear actuators, the one that controls the backrest while the other controls the footrest movement. These actuators are designed in a way to provide instant, fast and smooth movements. Treatment chairs are not only designed to provide movements but also ergonomic. Electricity is used to provide actuators with swift movement on vertical linear adjustment, horizontal movement, and the chairs’ leg position tilt.

Treatment chairs are designed with various accessories that help make the life of a patient more comfortable. These accessories include; reading lights, wet sensors, nurse alert buttons, side pockets for storing smartphones, and remote controllers.

Perks of electric actuators in treatment chairs

They make no noise while providing requisite performance and durability. Inside the aluminium columns are optic cables to ensure the safety and efficient utilization of space. The vertical linear actuator has a pushing effect that allows the user to raise or lower the leg rest as desired for maximum comfort. The bottom linear actuator allows leg rest to be raised at an angle to minimize the pressure exerted onto the feet. During emergencies, the actuator that supports the backrest uses electricity to allow easy changing of the treatment chair’s height and length. Both actuators have controlled from bus control boxes to allow the user to adjust the angle, height, and length at their convenience. Control boxes can be customized by integrating with software programs for practitioners to perform other operations like a massage with the treatment chair.

Benefits of using treatment chairs

If your treatment chair is designed for spa purposes, they should have features that make life easy for both the professional and the customer.  Recliner chairs, for example, help our bodies or those of the patients achieve a zero-gravity position. Recliner chairs help distribute body weight evenly throughout the chair, leaving no stress on some parts of our bodies. The treatment chair allows your body to adapt to the Trendelenburg position where valves in your veins allow blood to flow back into the heart smoothly. Some treatment chairs are integrated with electric massaging features so that help regulate blood flow in your body. It relieves aches and stresses through its soothing and massage functions. There is no denying that everyone develops aches and stresses in their bodies, increasing as you age. With the use of sleep chairs more often to relax, your body reduces the chances of back pains and aches, a few hours every day. Using a treatment chair helps prevent back injuries related to working posture. If you are behind a computer for a better part of your day, you will likely suffer from back pain. Using treatment chairs allows you to adjust to optimum positions where you exert minimum pressure on your spine due to bending. Long-term neck strain due to bending forward to look at the computer display will have adverse effects on your health. But with a treatment chair, none of these spine-related issues will affect you.

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