Cost and pain are the top things to consider when you think it’s the right time to get a tattoo. The investment will turn out to be a good one if you know the average cost of tattoo prices, Gold Coast, and the good reputation of the tattoo artist.

Guide to Get the Best Tattoo Prices, Gold Coast

A lot of factors can affect the price of having a tattoo on the Gold Coast. Knowing most of them is the smartest way to plan your design and budget.

Regular tattoo prices

A set price for tattoos is with all tattoo shops and parlours. The quality of the tattoo shop is often the price regulator. Simple tattoos are the cheapest with prices ranging from $50 to $150. However, tattoo placing, size, and detailing can affect the prices of the simplest tattoos.

The experience and reputation of a tattoo artist are also other factors that can jack up the price of simple-designed tattoos. Experienced tattoo artists charge either by the hour or at a higher price range.

Simple tattoos are usually small in size with a simple outline. While a few shading can be done, the only colour available for the simple tattoo is black. Simple tattoos include a star, a small word or name, or a heart.

High-end tattoo designs and prices

The ones known as the “sleeve tattoos” are one of the pricier ones. Sleeve tattoos are also called “full arm”, “full back”, and “full leg”, depending on the body part they will be tattooed on. Choosing this type of tattoo design is quite expensive because they are so time-consuming.

This type of tattoo design may take a couple of months to finish especially when they include shading and colours. Colours and shading are seen as extras, meaning that it’s more expensive than choosing only black colours and simple outlines. The final cost will also include a tip between 15% and 30% of the agreed price for the tattoo artist.

However, the price of the sleeve tattoos pales in comparison to the full-body tattoo. An astounding price of $100,000, excluding artist tips is what you have to shell out for full-body tattoos.

Starting price for letter tattoos

The overall design, colour, and size of the letters are the factors affecting the starting price of letter tattoos. Typically, letter tattoo prices range between $50 and $200. Prices tend to go up with the word increases and the size of the tattoo.

Factors affecting Tattoo Price

Location of the tattoo shop

Tattoo shops in the heart of the city can charge five times more than shops located on the outskirts of the city. The higher rent and overhead are the things that raise the prices of tattoos. Reputable artists tending to congregate around big city tattoo shops are another factor that raises the prices.

The complexity of the tattoo design

Complicated colours, complex design, and a lot of detailing and shading are the factors that can quickly raise the price of a tattoo design. Tattoo placing also plays an important role in pricing. Having the tattoo placed on the forearm is cheaper than on the back or leg.

An awesome tattoo can cost a pretty penny. However, great workmanship is always worth the price. Contact us at Blackmarket Tattoo Co to learn more about us.