Chiropractic is therapy focused on the body structure, particularly the spine. Chiropractors manipulate the body’s alignment to improve function and relieve pain, most importantly, help the body to self-heal. While chiropractic focuses mainly on spine manipulation, chiropractic treatments may extend to include other manual treatments touching on postural and ergonomic training, i.e., sitting posture, walking style, and standing position to reduce back strain. What’s even more interesting is that chiros today work with primary health care practitioners, pain experts, and surgeons to alleviate different kinds of pains in patients.

One positive research focused on spine manipulation to treat lower back pain, as physicians recommend spinal manipulation along with heat massage and acupuncture as pain relief in patients. Chiropractic treatments may help patients with muscular-skeletal-related pains. Although chiropractic treatment is a sure way to eliminate lower back pain and musculoskeletal related pains, it is not without complications. Stroke has been reported as a serious implication following spinal manipulation around the neck, although these cases are rare.

Spinal manipulation refers to any therapeutic movement of the spine involving quick but strong pressure between two joints of spinal vertebrae. A chiropractor may advise patients to change their biomechanics and posture or other treatment techniques aside from spinal manipulation. The main aim of a chiropractor is to relieve pains and help patients manage their condition better.

Is chiropractic treatment effective for back pain?

The major culprit for lower back pain is a combination of spinal misalignment, disk or nerve compression, frozen joints, and subluxations. All these combined might trigger a myriad of symptoms such as sharp pain, tingling, inflammation, numbing, immobility, and other issues. Back pain has a lot of negative impacts on your day-to-day activities.

Thrive Chiro Life incorporates powerful and focused pressure to specific points on the back and the spine to realign and relieve tension in areas that became compressed. A chiropractor corrects improper vertebrae alignments, subluxations, and frozen joints to make a noticeable difference in pain symptoms on a single visit. Consistent visits to a chiropractor will finally alleviate all your back pain and discomfort as long as you follow the guidelines provided going forward.

If you have struggled with back pain for a long time, then you are overdue to see a chiropractor for affordable and flexible back pain eradication for you to live a normal life. If you think the only relief to your back pain and discomfort is surgery or drugs, think again; many people who underwent several spinal treatments through a chiro are back to living their normal lives, spending unbelievably low costs.

Back pain treatment to expect

When you visit a St Kilda chiro center in your area for back pains and other musculoskeletal related pain, expect treatments like:

  • Spinal alignment therapy aimed at straightening slipped vertebrae to relieve pressure on the disks.
  • Electrical stimulation for irritated and damaged nerves
  • Braces and other support to protect your back against potential activities that risk causing back pain afterwards.
  • Use of steroid shot to reduce pain on one specific spot.

When you first visit a chiropractor, he or she should start you out through your medical history evaluation and other conditions related to back pain. Your chiro will start testing your nerves and spine for signs of damage with the right past medical data. After pinpointing your causes for back pain, your chiro should design a custom solution suitable for your lifestyle so that you can live a back pain-free lifestyle.